6th Grade Art, Holiday Activities

Father’s Day Craft

Summary A fun and unique craft for Father's Day. To make sure all students feel included, mention to the class that they do not have to make it for their father.  It can also be made for a grandparent, friend, or other family member. Learning Objectives Review adjectives Review writing sentences in English Materials 6… Continue reading Father’s Day Craft

6th Grade Art, Holiday Activities

Valentine’s Day Poem & Origami

Summary A fun way to incorporate reviewing verbs and adjectives during a Valentine's Day craft. Students write poems to someone they love while also making an origami heart. Learning Objectives Identify adjectives Identify verbs Materials Cinquain poem outline, markers, pencils, white paper Lesson Poem Explain that students will be making a Valentine's Day gift and ask… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Poem & Origami

6th Grade Art, Earth Friendly, Holiday Activities

MLK & Art Activism

Summary Since Peace Day in Spain and Martin Luther King Day in the US fall in the same month, it was a great opportunity to combine the two days and celebrate.  Almost every school in Spain holds some sort of assembly or activity to celebrate Peace Day so this year I had my students become activists… Continue reading MLK & Art Activism