6th Grade

Sixth graders are by far my favorite age to work with. They are old enough where you can get real with them yet still influential enough where they’re not too cool for you. There is so much room for flexibility and creativity when creating lesson plans.

Most of my work with the 6th graders has centered around preparing them to take the PET/KET exam.  Yes, it can be quite a daunting task and seem like a dull topic but, in the end, I have seen that preparing my students for the exam has greatly improved their level of English.  A fun way to teach vocabulary necessary for the PET exam is by using Quizlet.  Under the Quizlet tab you can find some flash card sets I have created to foster an engaging way to learn vocabulary.

Where I have really been able to provide my students with engaging and creative lessons has been through teaching art.  I’ve been able to include topics such as climate change, gender issues, and animal rights which I find usually do not get covered in the everyday classroom.  It has allowed me to incorporate lessons that yield critical literacy, an imperative skill students of today need to be global citizens of tomorrow. You can explore some of my lessons in the Art Activities tab.