6th Grade Art, Holiday Activities

Valentine’s Day Poem & Origami


A fun way to incorporate reviewing verbs and adjectives during a Valentine’s Day craft. Students write poems to someone they love while also making an origami heart.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify adjectives
  2. Identify verbs


Cinquain poem outline, markers, pencils, white paper



  1. Explain that students will be making a Valentine’s Day gift and ask students why they think we celebrate the holiday.
  2. Tell students they can create the gift for someone they love, a role model, friend, brother, sister, etc.
  3. Hand out Cinquian Poem worksheet and explain. Find a template here.
  4. Ask students to think of as many adjectives and write them on the board.
  5. Then, brainstorm differnt verbs in the ING form.
  6. Then write a poem as an example for the class to see.
  7. Students write their own poems


  1.  After students have finished writing their poems you can begin explaining how to create the origami heart.
  2. There are many ways to make an origami heart. I followed these instructions. You can also choose to make heart-shaped bookmarks or a heart-shaped box.