6th Grade Art, Earth Friendly, Holiday Activities

MLK & Art Activism


Since Peace Day in Spain and Martin Luther King Day in the US fall in the same month, it was a great opportunity to combine the two days and celebrate.  Almost every school in Spain holds some sort of assembly or activity to celebrate Peace Day so this year I had my students become activists in honor of MLK. We researched his life and the impact he had on society, discussed the importance of being an acivist, and talked about the different causes for which people fight all around the world.  Finally, they picked a cause they were passionate about and teamed up to make a poster to influence their classmates to be activists, too.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the impact Martin Luther King Jr. had on society
  2. Define activism
  3. Identify a cause they are passionate about
  4. Create a poster of chosen cause to be an activist


Poster paper, crayons, markers, MLK & Activism PPT


  1. Show students a photo of MLK and ask if anyone knows who he is. If they don’t know, ask who tell a story of his life just based on the picture.
  2. Discuss MLK with your students while showing pictures from the Civil Right’s Movement
  3. Have students read quotes from MLK. Ask which is their favorite and why.
  4. Show paintings, pictures, posters, etc. of different causes people fight for nowadays. Ask what they know on the topic and give a little more information and what we can do to help. Examples include: climate change, refugee crisis, animal rights, gender issues, education, poverty, diversity, capitalism, bullying, obesity.
  5. Ask students to identify a problem in their school, town, country, or the world that they want solved.
  6. Put students into pairs based on their interests.  Have them create a poster that represents their activism.
  7. Briefly present posters to the class.