6th Grade Art

Collage Silhouette & Memoir


At the beginning of the year I had my students write 6-word memoirs that they then represented  through a collage silhouette. In the 6-word memoir they have to account for an aspect of their life in just 6 words.  Next, they draw their face silhouette and then fill it with images they feel symbolize their memoir.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand and reflect on the importance of word choice in enhancing meaning.
  2. Acquire and practice skills necessary to write a Six Word Memoir.


White paper, black (or colored) construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue sticks, magazines, newspapers.


6 Word Memoir

  1. Quick Write: Ask students what they think a ‘memoir’ is.  Give them about 1 minute. Give subtle hints along the way. A useful PowerPoint can be found here.
  2. Think Pair Share:  Students first share their thoughts with a partner, then with the class what they believe a ‘memoir’ is.
  3. Read definition of memoir.
  4. Read different examples of 6 word memoirs.
  5. Show examples of memoirs written by me and why I chose to write them.
  6. Ask them to write a list of things they are interested, how they like to live their lives.
  7. Ask them to write three different 6 word memoirs. Then share with the class.
  8. They choose their favorite.

Face Silhouette

  1. Give each student a white sheet of paper.
  2. Explain how to draw a face silhouette. A useful video can be found here, or at the bottom of the page.
  3. Students turn the paper over and fill the page with images found in magazines, books, newspapers, etc.
  4. Students turn paper back over and cut out there silhouette.
  5. Paste silhouette on black (or any colored) paper.
  6. Paint 6-word memoir around the silhouette.